Top 12 Reasons Why Natural Soap is Better Than Normal Soap

At Loras Handcrafts I make my soap from natural ingredients not only to give you a unique soap but also to give your skin the best care possible. My nourishing natural soap is safer handmade and packed with nutrients, vitamins and fantastic essential oils.

These are the top 12 reasons Natural Soap is the best

1. Pure essential oils = Better for your skin

Essential oils don't only smell great but clean the skin and add nutrients as their high concentrations means they are full of beneficial nutrients that are good for the skin.

2. No detergents = cleaner hydrated skin

Some large soap manufacturers use detergents in their soaps. This makes it more of a cosmetic than a soap. This form of soap masks odour rather than cleaning and can dehydrate your skin. If you want your soap to actually give you clean skin its best to go natural.

3. Maintaining your skin = Nature in balance with your skin

Our natural soaps maintain your skins natural pH levels by using bases that are naturally alkaline the natural soaps not only clean but do it gently. Natural soaps are not as harsh to the skin as synthetic soaps.